Download Program Resetter Canon MP258

Download Program Resetter Canon MP258

Download Program Resetter Canon MP258
Canon MP258

Download Program Resetter Canon MP258 – A small tool that is very useful for troubleshooting canon MP258 printer . If you experience an error on the printer is actually very easy to handle . As we know Canon MP258 has a screen or LCD panel to provide information to us in the form of codes of numbers and letters . Of the codes that we could know what problems happened on our MP258 canon printer .

One of the most frequent problems but has no known cause is problems limit the print head cartridge . Often characterized by the emergence of a code E08 on the display panel . So to overcome this problem , please download resetter canon MP258 program here .

How to Perform a Reset Canon MP258
1 . Printer is turned off and the power cord is attached .
2 . Press the STOP / RESET and hold , then press and hold the POWER button .
3 . POWER button is pressed , release the button STOP / RESET , then press the STOP / RESET 2 x the power button is pressed state .
4 . Unscrew the two buttons simultaneously .
5 . The printer will proceed in a few moments ( rather long ) , then the LCD Panel will show the number zero ( 0 )
6 . The computer will detect NEW DEVICE , Ignore it …..
7 . This situation shows the MP258 printer in a state of SERVICE MODE and ready to be reset .
8 . Please you extract prorgam resetter canon MP258 that you have downloaded
9 . Run the program resetter canon MP258 ( ServiceTool_V1074 ) Click ” PLAY” , then the printer will proceed , then MP258 will print one page with the words ” D = 000.0 ” Click ” EEPROM Clear” . Then click ” EEPROM ” , and the printer will print the results MP258 Resetter . One row is as follows : ” TPage ( TTL = 00000 COPY = 00000 ) ” Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button .

that was way too reset canon MP258, which I have shared program resetter canon MP258 i hope can to help you .

Download Program Resetter Canon MP258

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