How to resolve Canon MP258 Printer Error E08

How to resolve Canon MP258 Printer Error E08

How to resolve Canon MP258 Printer Error E08Canon printer MP258 is error code E08 on the LCD ‘s ? Previously I ‘ve never once discussed danbanayak canon printer problems , but after I searching in my blog archives I have never discussed this issue of the E08 error . Well without further ado let ‘s fix stale printer

WHAT CAUSES E08 That ? ?E08 is the error that caused the print limit has been reached 2000 eks of the head , and the solution must be requested in the printer reset counter in the back so that the system ICnya value back to 0 again.

HOW DO I FIX IT ? ?Here’s a step by step how to fix it:
  1. Should the printer is turned off and the power cord is attached .
  2. Then Press the STOP / RESET and hold , then press and hold the POWER button . ( Must Sort and both pressed not released )
  3. POWER button is pressed , release the button STOP / RESET , then press tombolSTOP / RESET 2 x the power button is pressed state . ( Remember the power button must be pressed and held , and the Stop / reset pressed twice not more not less , DO WRONG )
  4. Unscrew the two buttons simultaneously . ( The power button and stop / reset removed together )
  5. The printer will proceed in a few moments ( rather long ) , then the LCD Panel will show the number zero ( 0 )
  6. On the computer will detect NEW DEVICE , Ignore it …..
  7. This situation shows the MP258 printer in a state of SERVICE MODE and ready to be reset .
    Download software Reserter MP258 HERE .
    8. File Exctract the MP258 Resetter .
9. Prepare 2 paper in the printer ( to print at the time the reset process )
10. Run the program Resetter MP258 .
11. Click the ” PLAY” , then the printer will proceed , then MP258 will print one page with the words ” D = 000.0 “
12. Click ” EEPROM Clear” .
13. Then click ” EEPROM ” , and the printer will print the results MP258 Resetter . One row is as follows : ” TPage ( TTL = 00000 COPY = 00000 ) “
14. Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button .
15. The printer is ready for use again finishedSupplement :If at the time of opening resetter software error looks like this :

That means the printer has not been included in the service mode . to enter into service mode look above steps once again .

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